Friday, 25 January 2008

analysis 2

The student thriller opening scene that i am going to analyse is "surface". this opening scene uses several thriller opening conventions, some of these conventions are, use of two sets of images it has one set that is fairly random that seems to have no connection to anything else except for the fact that it looks like blood floating in water, and the other set of images are of what looks a murder which is presumably what the rest of the thriller would be about, these two sets of images are interlinked, each one plays for a few seconds before flashing to the next. This has the effect of making the viewer think bout what they are seeing. This thriller also uses a sound track to make the sequence seem eerie and to add the the feeling of mystery.

The opening sequence that i am going to analise that is from an actual film, is "The Silence Of The Lambs" this opening sequence uses many thriller pening sequence conventions. At the start we think that the main character is runnning away from some one in some woods, however it is later revealed that it is an FBI training ground. The sound track for this section is orchestral and eerie which has the effect of making the viewer feel uneasy. This opening sequence also uses symbolism, at the begining of the film we see the main character puling herself up a slope, this symbolises that through the film she will be facing an uphill struggle throughout the rest of the film. we also see the character running into a bank of fog with the camera infront of her so we cant see what she is running to, this is suposed to sumbolise that she will be facing the unknown. The last piece of symbolism is when the character gets into the building of the FBI training centre and has top navigate herself through a maze of corridoors, this is suposed to symbolise that even in a safe place she will be searching for the end.



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