Tuesday, 11 March 2008

more development

From our last blog we have really developed our ideas further. we have all come to the conclusion that we are no longer using humans and characters as props as we believe it can add a amateur look about it. we have also agreed not to use any of the darkroom footage as this also decreases the professionalism about it. so instead we are only using our footage of the slow watery ink and the sketch book stuff. we also thought we would include the shot of Brit's eye as this adds a creepy, personal touch to the sequence.
we have done another rough cut, however we were unable to place this onto our blog, so have gone ahead and started to finish our final cut.
we also have found a band called Autechre which we really like. so we may use one of their songs for our music, however as one of the criteria for our thriller is to invent our own music we are going to cut some of their songs up and swap them around so that we have changed it to our own. we will also include our own music which we will create on garage band.



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