Tuesday, 11 March 2008

rough cut feedback

These are the comments and feedback we received from our class, telling us how they thought our rough cut could be improved and what they thought we should add. They also commented which aspects were good about the rough cut and which were bad. We found all comments extremely useful and used them to improve our final piece.

* The setting of the photography room was very effective and different.
* Good placement.
* We liked the magnum title as it also linked to photography.

* We really liked the camera angles especially the close up ones.
* We thought the framing was good, and the way that everything seemed to fit.
* If you were thinking of improving some camera aspects you could think about adding different camera angles such as long shots and establishing shots but apart from that every thing was ace.

* The editing really caught our eyes as it is very different. we liked the fast pace of it and all the other different techniques used.
* The blurry images and use and contrast of colour and black and white was really good.
* The effect at the start is very nice, although the whole footage could be shorter.

* There is no sound at the moment, and this could be useful.
* We would really like to see some eerie sound effects on this, it would draw the whole thing together.

Genre Conventions:
* We really like the way that questions are left unanswered, it makes you want to view the film.
* Some groups felt that they did not know what was happening and was confused about the name also as there is no main title.

From this feedback we have come up with some bullet points which we think will improve our thriller. (these are the points we really need to focus on over the next week.)

* Sound both non diegetic music and diegetic.
- The non diegetic should be eerie and suspenseful as well as different, we would love the music to be sort of electronic and distorted.this would match the montage editing of our thriller.
-The diegetic should be effects that match the images being flashed and should chance between the fast pace and slow pace. for example the sketch book flicking through pages.

* Editing this should be done in a montage way, so that questions are left unanswered, but still clear to the viewer, the editing should also be suspenseful and add tension to the viewing. it needs to be cut shorter and a main title needs to be added. need to add more titles.

* Cinematography should be improved by the camera angles. we should include a establishing shot as well long and mid shots, this will help vary our thriller. make sure the framing stays similar throughout.

* Mise en scene this could include more props including maybe human or character- although this may change the montage effect we are going for. we could also include more sketch book stuff as this seemed to be effective. we also think that we should take out some of the dark room stuff as it looks unprofessional.

* Genre conventions make it more clear to viewer what is going on and add titles.



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