Tuesday, 11 March 2008

final feed back

These are the comments and feedback we received from our class and other classes. telling us what they thought our final thriller opening sequence. they also commented which aspects were good about the rough cut and which were bad. so there is both positive and negative. We found all comments extremely useful and it was good to know what people really thought of our thriller, and whether it worked or not. when people watched our thriller we conducted some questions for them to answer, this really helped us to get the answers we were looking for.

Does it look authentic?
* yes because the special effects used are really good. it really adds to the thriller.
* because of the props and setting used, the thriller has become more authentic, its excellent. it is also creepy in a way.
* yes and you real feel like you could get into this film after watching the opening.
* yes it looks authentic however looks a bit like a horror.
How do you think the mise en scene helps create a sense of genre?
the photos and photo album help add creepiness to the sequence giving it a thriller aspect.
* all the props used especially the eye helps add a sense of stalking and invastion, this a key thriller convention.

how do you think the cinematography effects the viewer?
* the camera angles and close ups make you feel on edge and builds tension.
*the framing as everything seemed to fit.
which piece of cinematography did you think was particularly effective?
* when the photography book moved on it's own.
* the close up of the eye.
* the whole abstractness and fast shots.

how has the editing been used to create meaning?

* The editing really caught our eyes as it is very different. we liked the fast pace of it and all the other different techniques used such as the flash shots as they help to keep the fast pace.
* The blurry images and use and contrast of colour and black and white was really good.
* The effect at the start helps to build tension.
what do you think of the chioce of transition types?
* cross dissolves work really well and is effective makes it creepy.

is it appropriate for the style and/or genre of the sequence?
* yes it goes really well.
* yes it's scary and weird which makes it a fit in with the genre.
*helps add suspense and tension.

Overall effect:
did you like it and why?
* We really like the way that questions are left unanswered, it makes you want to view the film.
* yes, it's freaky and scary as the shots are fast and snappy with an interesting music sequence.

what mark would you give it out of 10?-5 groups
* 7 out of 10
* 8
out of 10
* 8
out of 10
* 8
out of 10
out of 10
this came to a total of 40 out of 50
and an average of 8 out of 10 =80%



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