Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Shot 1- long shot then zoom to medium shot. Girl answering questions to press, camera flashing. In school classroom to shoot, stand, cameras and chairs.
Shot 2- Close up then long shot. Flashback to girl running through forest, posters of missing girl, bloody hand on poster. In Forest near college or in impington, pictures on trees.
Shot 3- Medium Shot. Zooming in to the girl answering questions to the press.
Shot 4- Long Shot. Running around and through lake. By holiday inn lake.
Shot 5- Close up. Same as shot 1.
Shot 6- Long/ Medium shot. Running to phone box.
Shot 7- Extreme close up. FBI opening door to house. Hand on door.
Shot 8- Medium Shot. Walking in garage.
Shot 9- Medium/Close up. Camera facing wall with newspaper, pictures, tools etc. Blood, lamp writings.
Shot 10- Medium Shot. FBI picking up things in the house. Bed sheets, blood.
Shot 11- Flashback to girl in bloody blanket. Medium shot.
Shot 12- Close up. Teddy bear with blood.
Shot 13- Flashback of girl falling to the ground, hear the noise, dropping bloody teddy bear. In the bomb shelter.
Shot 14- Close up. Bath. Blood in the bath.
Shot 15- Medium Shot. FBI Walking to the bomb shelter.
Shot 16- Flashback. Girls sitting in the bomb shelter. Medium Shot.
Shot 17- Medium Shot- FBI man leaving the shelter.
Shot 18- Medium Shot to Close up. Question to the girl, 'Are there any other girls left?' She says 'No'. Same props as shot 1.
Shot 19- Close up. Walks past cupboard with girl inside. Masks, white face in cupboard.



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