Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Shot 1- long shot then zoom to medium shot. Girl answering questions to press, camera flashing. In school classroom to shoot, stand, cameras and chairs.
Shot 2- Close up then long shot. Flashback to girl running through forest, posters of missing girl, bloody hand on poster. In Forest near college or in impington, pictures on trees.
Shot 3- Medium Shot. Zooming in to the girl answering questions to the press.
Shot 4- Long Shot. Running around and through lake. By holiday inn lake.
Shot 5- Close up. Same as shot 1.
Shot 6- Long/ Medium shot. Running to phone box.
Shot 7- Extreme close up. FBI opening door to house. Hand on door.
Shot 8- Medium Shot. Walking in garage.
Shot 9- Medium/Close up. Camera facing wall with newspaper, pictures, tools etc. Blood, lamp writings.
Shot 10- Medium Shot. FBI picking up things in the house. Bed sheets, blood.
Shot 11- Flashback to girl in bloody blanket. Medium shot.
Shot 12- Close up. Teddy bear with blood.
Shot 13- Flashback of girl falling to the ground, hear the noise, dropping bloody teddy bear. In the bomb shelter.
Shot 14- Close up. Bath. Blood in the bath.
Shot 15- Medium Shot. FBI Walking to the bomb shelter.
Shot 16- Flashback. Girls sitting in the bomb shelter. Medium Shot.
Shot 17- Medium Shot- FBI man leaving the shelter.
Shot 18- Medium Shot to Close up. Question to the girl, 'Are there any other girls left?' She says 'No'. Same props as shot 1.
Shot 19- Close up. Walks past cupboard with girl inside. Masks, white face in cupboard.


Friday, 10 October 2008

pia marianne and naomi

heellooo yes are thriler is great .... she is running now she has music and sound effect its amazing. he raped her and shetold the police but the man doesnt see the girl in the cuboard =] =]


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

final feed back

These are the comments and feedback we received from our class and other classes. telling us what they thought our final thriller opening sequence. they also commented which aspects were good about the rough cut and which were bad. so there is both positive and negative. We found all comments extremely useful and it was good to know what people really thought of our thriller, and whether it worked or not. when people watched our thriller we conducted some questions for them to answer, this really helped us to get the answers we were looking for.

Does it look authentic?
* yes because the special effects used are really good. it really adds to the thriller.
* because of the props and setting used, the thriller has become more authentic, its excellent. it is also creepy in a way.
* yes and you real feel like you could get into this film after watching the opening.
* yes it looks authentic however looks a bit like a horror.
How do you think the mise en scene helps create a sense of genre?
the photos and photo album help add creepiness to the sequence giving it a thriller aspect.
* all the props used especially the eye helps add a sense of stalking and invastion, this a key thriller convention.

how do you think the cinematography effects the viewer?
* the camera angles and close ups make you feel on edge and builds tension.
*the framing as everything seemed to fit.
which piece of cinematography did you think was particularly effective?
* when the photography book moved on it's own.
* the close up of the eye.
* the whole abstractness and fast shots.

how has the editing been used to create meaning?

* The editing really caught our eyes as it is very different. we liked the fast pace of it and all the other different techniques used such as the flash shots as they help to keep the fast pace.
* The blurry images and use and contrast of colour and black and white was really good.
* The effect at the start helps to build tension.
what do you think of the chioce of transition types?
* cross dissolves work really well and is effective makes it creepy.

is it appropriate for the style and/or genre of the sequence?
* yes it goes really well.
* yes it's scary and weird which makes it a fit in with the genre.
*helps add suspense and tension.

Overall effect:
did you like it and why?
* We really like the way that questions are left unanswered, it makes you want to view the film.
* yes, it's freaky and scary as the shots are fast and snappy with an interesting music sequence.

what mark would you give it out of 10?-5 groups
* 7 out of 10
* 8
out of 10
* 8
out of 10
* 8
out of 10
out of 10
this came to a total of 40 out of 50
and an average of 8 out of 10 =80%


final cut.

this is our final video.


more development

From our last blog we have really developed our ideas further. we have all come to the conclusion that we are no longer using humans and characters as props as we believe it can add a amateur look about it. we have also agreed not to use any of the darkroom footage as this also decreases the professionalism about it. so instead we are only using our footage of the slow watery ink and the sketch book stuff. we also thought we would include the shot of Brit's eye as this adds a creepy, personal touch to the sequence.
we have done another rough cut, however we were unable to place this onto our blog, so have gone ahead and started to finish our final cut.
we also have found a band called Autechre which we really like. so we may use one of their songs for our music, however as one of the criteria for our thriller is to invent our own music we are going to cut some of their songs up and swap them around so that we have changed it to our own. we will also include our own music which we will create on garage band.


order of clips

we were finding it difficult to know what order to place the clips in to make sense. so this is the list we hope to order our clips in:
* ink in water with titles
* water- running out of tap.
* films hanging and chain.
* more ink and titles.
* dark room- changing of the dials, then to the developer and then the sliding of the shutter.
* ink and titles.
* flash of someones face or eyes.
* ink and titles.
*sketchbook-flicking through and close ups.
* final title of item 13
*reverse of sketch book.


rough cut feedback

These are the comments and feedback we received from our class, telling us how they thought our rough cut could be improved and what they thought we should add. They also commented which aspects were good about the rough cut and which were bad. We found all comments extremely useful and used them to improve our final piece.

* The setting of the photography room was very effective and different.
* Good placement.
* We liked the magnum title as it also linked to photography.

* We really liked the camera angles especially the close up ones.
* We thought the framing was good, and the way that everything seemed to fit.
* If you were thinking of improving some camera aspects you could think about adding different camera angles such as long shots and establishing shots but apart from that every thing was ace.

* The editing really caught our eyes as it is very different. we liked the fast pace of it and all the other different techniques used.
* The blurry images and use and contrast of colour and black and white was really good.
* The effect at the start is very nice, although the whole footage could be shorter.

* There is no sound at the moment, and this could be useful.
* We would really like to see some eerie sound effects on this, it would draw the whole thing together.

Genre Conventions:
* We really like the way that questions are left unanswered, it makes you want to view the film.
* Some groups felt that they did not know what was happening and was confused about the name also as there is no main title.

From this feedback we have come up with some bullet points which we think will improve our thriller. (these are the points we really need to focus on over the next week.)

* Sound both non diegetic music and diegetic.
- The non diegetic should be eerie and suspenseful as well as different, we would love the music to be sort of electronic and distorted.this would match the montage editing of our thriller.
-The diegetic should be effects that match the images being flashed and should chance between the fast pace and slow pace. for example the sketch book flicking through pages.

* Editing this should be done in a montage way, so that questions are left unanswered, but still clear to the viewer, the editing should also be suspenseful and add tension to the viewing. it needs to be cut shorter and a main title needs to be added. need to add more titles.

* Cinematography should be improved by the camera angles. we should include a establishing shot as well long and mid shots, this will help vary our thriller. make sure the framing stays similar throughout.

* Mise en scene this could include more props including maybe human or character- although this may change the montage effect we are going for. we could also include more sketch book stuff as this seemed to be effective. we also think that we should take out some of the dark room stuff as it looks unprofessional.

* Genre conventions make it more clear to viewer what is going on and add titles.


Monday, 25 February 2008

rough cut

unfinished rough cut. more to follow.

we have changed our thriller name from item 23 t0 item 13-this is because we have some footage of the number 13. also it is seen as unlucky and creepy. however we do not want it looking like a horror.


Monday, 4 February 2008

possible props

This is a picture of a journal and a pen. we are going to be using props like this within our thriller, as the stalker will be writing and logging his victims moves thoughts and pictures.

This is a dripping candle, this may appear in our thriller.


test footage 2-ink

This footage could potentially be very effective if produced with better surroundings and lighting; enhancing the overall effect of the background. Unfortunately, the footage we took could not be used for our final piece as our reflection could be seen in the perspex tank.
Some extra shots taken at the end of the filming process we found particularly abstract and interesting and therefore may be used in the final opening thriller sequence produced.


Friday, 1 February 2008

test footage

this is a our test footage to demonstrate how our thriller may look. this shows someone printing a photograph of a women, this is one of our main pieces of footage that is going to be used in our final project.


Monday, 28 January 2008


this is a rough soundtrack.
this is the beginning part and we may not use it, but there are a couple of sounds within this that we may use.



this is our anamatic.

We thought the anamatic worked well and despite being short it gave us a good indication of how the final take would look. The images worked well together and flowed evenly. We felt that more titles were needed throughtout the piece and not just at the beginning. We decided not to add a soundtrack as the anamatic is only a sample of the final piece and therefore the track would not correspond with the images.


Saturday, 26 January 2008


This is the type of imagery we will be using as the background to our title pages.
We thought that this added the slow pace to contrast with the fast pace of the random images.

This is an image of a dark room where we are hoping to set our filming, to add effect and a sense of Eeriness.



for our thriller we had two initial ideas. one that was set within the photography room, and random images would flick on and off the screen. the other was going to be set in the woods, and a murder would take place. we were unsure on which of these ideas to use so we set out two shot lists, so that we could determine which sounded and looked better. the first idea is et out in shot list 1, and the second in shot list two.
we are still working on both ideas so that we can maybe get a mixture of both.


Friday, 25 January 2008

shot list 2

1. long shot of forest
2. mid shot of forest
3. mid shot but a bit closer of man standing in forest
4. zoom to a close up of his face
5. then to an extreme close up of his messed up eye
6. close up of a noose in a tree
7.mid shot of forest... man and boy talking
8. circle around them.
9. boy up in tree's close up
10. close up of mans feet hanging.
11. close up of man hanging from noose in tree.
12. mid shot of forest with boy in tree and man hung
13. title and all people titles included in future shots.
14. boy walks away through tree's
15. feet walking across the ground. close up
16. extreme close of someone droppping a cigerette
17. feet walking away.
18. close up of body dropping from tree
19. close up of dead body lying on the ground.
20. long shot of forest with body on floor.
fade out.


analysis 2

The student thriller opening scene that i am going to analyse is "surface". this opening scene uses several thriller opening conventions, some of these conventions are, use of two sets of images it has one set that is fairly random that seems to have no connection to anything else except for the fact that it looks like blood floating in water, and the other set of images are of what looks a murder which is presumably what the rest of the thriller would be about, these two sets of images are interlinked, each one plays for a few seconds before flashing to the next. This has the effect of making the viewer think bout what they are seeing. This thriller also uses a sound track to make the sequence seem eerie and to add the the feeling of mystery.

The opening sequence that i am going to analise that is from an actual film, is "The Silence Of The Lambs" this opening sequence uses many thriller pening sequence conventions. At the start we think that the main character is runnning away from some one in some woods, however it is later revealed that it is an FBI training ground. The sound track for this section is orchestral and eerie which has the effect of making the viewer feel uneasy. This opening sequence also uses symbolism, at the begining of the film we see the main character puling herself up a slope, this symbolises that through the film she will be facing an uphill struggle throughout the rest of the film. we also see the character running into a bank of fog with the camera infront of her so we cant see what she is running to, this is suposed to sumbolise that she will be facing the unknown. The last piece of symbolism is when the character gets into the building of the FBI training centre and has top navigate herself through a maze of corridoors, this is suposed to symbolise that even in a safe place she will be searching for the end.


Monday, 21 January 2008

Shot by shot List

This is our initial shot list. However, we may change the order or framing of some of these shots.

Shot 1: Starts of black and then the background slowly fades in (white with black ink). First title appears on screen followed by other titles.
Shot 2: Hands adjusting equipment in the darkroom (close up)
Shot 3: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 4: Shots taken in the darkroom; using equipment- turns on the timer.(close ups)
Shot 5: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 6: Someone writing a letter (close up of hands). A fast cut to a girls eyes- lighter setting (black and white) and breathing sounds/ quick intake of breath.
Shot 7: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 8: The timer counting down.
Shot 9: Journal/book pages flicking, stops on some pages, newspaper clippings, writing, drawings.
Shot 10: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 11: Dark background. Candle wax dripping; flame on screen. Fast shots of her body/ parts of facial expression (lips/ eyes/ hair). Stamping the envelope closed with the candle wax.
Shot 12: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 13: The timer counts down
Shot 14: Photo developing in the darkroom (in the developer)- image starts to appear.
Shot 15: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 16: Pen dipping in water- ink running through
Shot 17: The background slowly fades in (white with black ink). Titles appear.
Shot 18: The timer counts down to the end.
Shot 19: Background plays in reverse really quickly- images flash on screen in reverse (not in chronological order) extremely fast.
Shot 20: Film title appears on screen (background black and font white)
Shot 21: A hand clamps on someone shoulder- close up on eyes, head turning around, loud gasp


Friday, 18 January 2008


Lenna Derode lives a happy life in the city and is unaware that her every move is being closely watched. What will she do when her and others she loves the most are in danger? Left with nowhere to turn she takes the law into her own hands, placing her right in the arms of her obsessive stalker. How will she cope with the unavoidable danger that awaits her?!


initial ideas

For the beginning of the sequence we thought of using abstract images. We had the idea of filming ink of different colours into water to symbolise blood or the ink used by the stalker. We thought the swirling ink creating a looked quite creepy, especially if put in slow motion or in reverse. As an experiment we tested different coloured inks in water to see which looked best. We took digital images and compared them amoungst the group.
We also experimented with the lighting in the darkroom to see if it would be appropriate to film. We took several digital images of objects we would be likely to use in the sequence. The results proved positive which has inspired us to use quite dark lighting for most of the sequence.
the handwriting of the stalker/killer within the journal needs to percise and accurate suggesting his state of mind, in control, clean.

Here are some of the images we collected.

Images likely to be in the sequence:
* Hands adjusting photography equipment.
* developing pitcures
* Writing text (letter, notes)
* Images of scrap books
* clips of face ( eyes - never revealing the whole identity)
* Candle buring, dripping wax.
* stamps
* collections of photographs.
* Pen dipping into water
* Ink leaking
* scissors.
* tape.

Possible titles.
*law of attraction
* Item 23

*magnum productions


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

old studant work

This thriller opening really interested us. We liked the use of close up shots and the contrast of the fast and slow pace. It was really abstract and gave away little clues to what was going on which we found particularly disturbing. We also liked the sound track as it was more sounds and noises rather than a song. We also liked the slow beginning which gradually builds up tension throughout the sequence. The titles were particularly slow and therefore could be easily read by the viewers. In terms of the mise en scene we rather liked the shadowed objects and the hidden location for the shoot.


Monday, 14 January 2008

analysis of thriler opening sequence

This is the opening sequence to SE7EN.

We paticually liked the montage editing used in the title sequence. This is aided by the use of close up shots which never allows the viewer to astablish who and/or where the action is taking place. The high pitched noises alomg with the random flashing images created a sense of mental distortion. The distortion effect on the titles creates a mystery/tension element. The clarity of the titles relates with the idea of nothing being clear in the whole sequence.
As an audience we are positioned as a voyeur (seeing things that we should not be). We may use this idea in our opening sequence.

Derilium Tremens (Student Thriller - 2007)

The framing and camera angles were paticually good


Monday, 7 January 2008